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BBC Special on Yellostone BBC Documentary Released: The BBC spent much of the winter of 2007-2008 filming here in Yellowstone. The filming was for the production of a documentary about the wildlife of the park. One of the cameramen, Shane Moore, spent 43 days at the yurt camp filming wildlife in the interior of the Park. Additionally we spent another 15 days or so with the thermal crew, filming geysers, mud-pots, and hot springs near Old Faithful. The special was released in the spring of 2009. It was a very interesting experience to see the filming of the special- of course all of us at Yellowstone Expeditions have special memories or events that we think should have been included in the documentary but got left on the cutting room floor. Many amazing things did make the cut- "fat boy", the coyote stealing a huge Yellowstone cutthroat trout from a family of otters, the otters traveling more than two miles downstream over the frozen snow and ice of the Yellowstone River and then sliding over the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone, the red fox catching a mouse under 6 feet of snow, and of course the frost covered bison. BBC Special on Yellostone Shane filmed over 30 hours of the most spectacular wildlife interactions we could imagine- so some gets left out when the final product is only 40 minutes long (winter portion). It is available from

If you would like to see more of Shane's work; we recommend the following videos that he filmed:

A Mystery in Alaska (2003) on PBS : The Steller's sea lions that populate the Alaskan coastline are powerful, playful, and sometimes rowdy creatures who bump and jostle each other on land but acquire a sublime gracefulness in the water. They are also the subject of a strange and tragic mystery: Steller's sea lions are rapidly disappearing from one of the last great wildlife strongholds of the world, and no one knows why.

Christmas in Yellowstone (2006) on PBS: Here you'll see how some of the animals who live here deal with winter - whether it is a red fox hunting in the snow, the eternal battle between wolves and elk, buffalo getting a steam bath, or a mother grizzly hibernating in her den, this program gives an inside look into their various coping strategies.

The Living Edens - Yellowstone - America's Sacred Wilderness (2001) on Nature: This program is not an overview of Yellowstone; rather, it is a brutally honest examination of the predator-prey relationships among the park's wildlife. The numerous hunt scenes are neither sensationalized nor censored. Sensitive viewers should be prepared to see cute baby animals killed. The theme is the dichotomy of nature's beauty vs. the animals' constant struggle to survive.